Our Family

Our Family

Monday, January 31, 2011

My Favorite Things

Wow...what a Monday. I love coaching cheerleading, and i love my hyper cheerleaders, but they do exhaust me. Sometimes more than kindergarteners. After reading  Abby's blog is was inspired to focus on something good after this long Monday.
So my current favorite thing is...coffee!!

I just acquired a frother, and have learned how to make cappuccinos. Love. it. Add a good book, and some biscotti, and I am one happy girl. Add my husband sitting with me, and my day is made. Even though it is Monday night, I think I will go indulge myself now. 

Friday, January 21, 2011


Hooray it's Friday! The first time I've actually had time to sit down on my couch, and desire to write a blog. It was a fun week in kindergarten with lots of fun, tears, and peeing on a shirt! Oh how I love 5 year olds! As I watch the older elementary students (and high school students) I realized I love teaching kindergarten because they love you no matter what and (almost) always do what you say. I love that the "quiet game" is enough to keep them completely still and quiet in the hallway. I love that they are enthralled by powder that turns to 'snow' when it is mixed with water. I love that getting to hold a stuffed penguin is the best reward. And I love that they will come to me and say, with no shame, Mrs. Hamilton I pee-peed on my shirt. Although I loved my week of sewing and baking, I am glad to be back.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ruffle Scarf!

Today I successfully created my first ruffle scarf! I'm not sure I used the right material, but it was on sale at Joann's. Here it is:
I chose green and purple because I looked in my closet and saw a lot of green and purple. I made a purple layer, and a green layer, and sewed them together. They are all twisted around in the picture because it's a bit too short to wrap around my neck. It is nice, after 5 days of sweatpants, to do my hair and makeup since we have having guys/girls night with the small group!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Finished Placemats!

So here are my final placemats...yay! I did learn, however, that it is quite difficult to use the macbook to take pictures of things on the floor. Scott laughed at me trying to stand on a chair to get a better shot. :)
Here are a set of four placemats
 And here is my favorite placemat! I love these buttons!

Next project-ruffled scarves

Current train of thought-should I open an Etsy shop? I really like making this stuff but what will I do will all of it? Advice?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day 4

The more I'm at home the more I craft. The more I craft the more I blog. Because my husband is currently speaking computer language, I have to explain my crafts to those of you who understand :). Yesterday and today I started making yo-yos. I made some for the back of my sewing chair. Then I found out no school today, so I decided to go for a bigger project-dishtowel placemats. I know everyone has something they receive in excess at their wedding-mine was dishtowels. So I used my brown ugly placemats as a backing and sewed my dishtowels on. Then I added pockets for utensils. Next step is decorating with yo-yos, but I need to find some cute buttons first (Walmart failed me). Here are some pics...
The yoyo chair
The before placemats
The almost done placemats and yoyos yet to be made...
I will be posting the final results soon! (Since we are out again tomorrow)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days

Of course I had to put up some pictures of our multiple snow days...especially since I don't think there is anything else I can possibly do in my house

Scott and I attempted to sled, but we really just pushed ourselves for the sake of "newly married pictures during our first big snow". Thanks to my mom for being willing to go out and take pictures of our attempt to play in the snow. :)

 Then we decided to take a stroll around the block (near my parents house) to see what my neighbors were doing...and you thought sledding behind a four-wheeler was redneck...

Nothing like sledding behind a slow-moving tractor.

This was sitting in the next-door-neighbor's yard. 

And who wouldn't use a halloween decoration to make a snowman's head?

Hope everyone had a fun snow/ice day!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Final Product...

I have completed my Christmas break project on my new sewing machine! A table skirt and chair cushion for my sewing table. Here are some pictures of the process...
Step 1: Layout fabric
 Step 2: Sew chair cushion

Step 3: Sew table skirt

Now what to do next...

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