Our Family

Our Family

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Favorite Things

1. A weekend away. My hubby and I got to go to a marriage conference this weekend. It was fun to get away. We learned a lot, ate a lot, and got to stay in this beautiful hotel. Better yet, we didn't pay for it!

2. Having time to read. I just finished some great books by Janette Oke, and now I need some suggestions. Any ideas?

3. Focaccia Bread. It is my new favorite thing to bake. I use my bread maker for the dough, but bake it in the oven. It is so easy, and just like the real thing from Israel!

I'm linking up with Abby!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The end of a season...

Tonight was our Cheerleading Awards ceremony, officially ending our season which started in July. (Please tell me what other sport has an 8 month season.) It was short and sweet without being too sappy. It was such an amazing year, and full of great memories. I have learned so much through coaching my first cheer squad. I'm pretty sure they taught me more than I taught them. It was such a blessing to coach the girls that I cheered with all those years ago. God has been faithful through many ups and downs, and I can't wait to see what He has in store for next season. I will so miss my Seniors, but I know life holds great things for them. As I looked out over my team tonight I realized that this year was so much more than coaching cheerleading, this year I made so many new friends. Next year is going to be awesome!!!

I love these girls!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My New Car!!!

It has been quite a process to get a new car. I never realized how much work it is to pick out the right car at the right price. And taking out the money to pay for it in cash gave me a lot of anxiety. But it has all paid off and now we have a new Honda Element (I know some of you probably think they look like a box). I.Love.It!

(This is not our actual car because I don't want to go in the rain to take a picture, but it looks exactly like this.)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday is for Four

Thanks Jordyn for tagging me in a survey! Since I have been completely forgetting to take pictures of my clothes this is a good alternative.

01. Four Places I Go
*YACS (school/work)
*Grocery Store
*Momentum Christian Church
*My favorite place...Home

02. Four Favorite Smells
*I have to agree with Jordyn and say coffee
*My new spa scented shower cleaner

03. Four Favorite Movies/Shows
*Lost. watching it again for the second time.
*Time Traveler's Wife-Great Book too!
*House-I think he is so funny
*Never Been Kissed-My favorite chick flick

04. Four Recommendations
*Vote Yes for SPLOST-Of course I would rather tax everyone than just the people that own houses
*Read the book before you see the movie (only exception is My Sister's Keeper)
*Always go Mac...PCs always die
*Always eat dessert

Everyone I know has been tagged...

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