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Our Family

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday...but not WIWW

Well I was lazy this week and didn't take any picture of my outfits. I don't like the pics my computer takes, and have no full length mirror. Maybe Scott will oblige me next week. Instead I will show you what I received in the mail today. I just love getting packages, even if I bought it! So here is my little herb garden...

It is a Chia Herb Garden, and it was super easy! They said I don't have to put it in sunlight, but it looks much better on the windowsill then on top of the fridge where they recommend. I planted Basil, Cilantro and Chives. I can't wait to see if they grow!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Last week I did not participate in MFT simply because my current favorite thing was still coffee (and i was too tired to think of anything else). But today has been a wonderful day off, so now I have two new favorite things...
My new seat cushion and pillow

It matches my new pillow for my awesome red chair.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So I've been pretty good this week! Except my computer does the picture taking, so the pictures as less than fabulous. Also, my head is cropped out of one because of bad hair. Sadly the only day I forgot to take my picture was on Valentines Day :(. But I did have a picture taken of me while I was being sang too. Let me explain...it is a fundraiser that our school does where someone can buy you a Valentine and a song. Mine was from my parents (Scott got one too, very funny & awkward). Some of students got sang too, which was sooo funny. One little guy said when they were done, "Mrs. Hamilton, that made me hot all over." Which in kindergarten language means embarrassed. Ok, so here are the pictures...

Sweater: American Eagle
Skirt: Hand-me-down
Shoes: Rack Room
Necklace: Christmas Gift

Pink Shirt: Rugged Warehouse
Jacket: Christmas gift
Grey Pants: Ross
Boots: Rack Room

Went hiking to the top of Stone Mountain with my bro & his gf

Sweater: Wet Seal
Jeans: Aeropostale
Brown Flats: Kohls

I also have to include a pic of the awesome pillow I made for my new chair.
(I can't figure out how to turn the picture around)

(We have an entire jean week at school, hooray!)
Coat: Ross 
(Kayla & Jordyn-remember when we all bought these!)
Pink shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Christmas gift
Cute Shoes: Rack Room
Earrings: Mexico

(bad hair not shown)
Purple Shirt: Christmas gift
Tank: Birthday gift
Jeans: Christmas gift
Necklace: Some stand in Mexico

(I decided to go casual)
Shirt: School Theme shirt designed by Scott-
Our theme is Amplivate: Encouraging others to be bold for Christ.
Jeans: Target
Tennies: Ross (Best shoes ever for only $30!)

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

How I love Saturdays...

Saturdays in college were always fun, but now that I have a full time job it is different. In college I always wanted to find something to do on Saturday; now I just want to sit in my new red chair. I have my typical Saturday to-do list, but it mostly involves staying in the house.
1. Make Biscotti
2. Clean bathroom (or convince Scott to)
3. Exercise...maybe...
4. Make Valentines cookies for class
5. Sew new pillows for my chair
5. Read a book and drink coffee

Yep, I love Saturdays. Why do you love Saturdays?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WWIW: So the journey begins...

So this weekend I decided I could not find any reason that I should not do What I Wore Wednesday. The only real reason is that I do have a full length mirror (hence the half pics you will see). I just decided to do this on Monday, so I only have Monday and my two outfits from Tuesday. Hopefully I will become more diligent! Thanks to Jordyn for encouraging me to start this up!

Cardigan: Christmas gift
Pink Shirt: Rugged Warehouse
Necklace: Aeropostale
Grey Pants: Ross


Green Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Purple Shirt: Christmas gift
Grey Capris: Hand-me-down
Grey Boots: Rack Room Shoes
Scarf: Made by Me!

Tuesday Night 
(We had to attend a teacher dessert get-together-thing)
Cardigan: Target
Dress: Goodwill
Necklace: Christmas gift
Leggings: Target
Boots: same as above
Watch: Big Lots

If nothing else these postings make me realize I get my clothes at random places. Happy Wednesday! Linking up at The Pleated Poppy!

The Snickering Woman

I was reading Genesis this morning about Sarah and Abraham. In Genesis 18 it says that Sarah laughed in her heart when God said she would conceive at 90. I read this commentary written by one of the sight members and just wanted to share it:

Why do we as women always think we know better? Here Sarah laughs, in her heart; what kind of laugh is that? A "yeah-right, you don't know what you're talking about" kind of laugh. She's heard God's promise, she even tried to help Abraham with God's promise by giving him her maid-servant. The real question is, how long ago did she stop beleiving her husband? Does she dispise this promise she helped try to come to pass 13 years ago, and is imbittered or hopeful that Abraham is wrong, so much so that she laughs when a stranger confirms this news?

A better question, do I laugh at my husbands long-shot dreams, goals? Do I know if God gave him a passion for that asperation, even if it's a glimps of a promise He wants to fulfil in my husband's life? Lord, help me to support my husband throughout his life. Even if his dreams seem far-fetched or impossible. If it'll bring you glory, help me encourage and beleive in him.

My dear husband is a dreamer, and I have both feet firmly in reality. This was a good reminder that his dreams are from God, and I am here to encourage him. Even though I am focused on making lunches for tomorrow, and he is focused on the 'what ifs' for the years to come, we balance each other out. I just thank God for him. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Boomerang is where I just bought my new couch and chair! And its a cool name. Yesterday we went to Little Five Points with college married friends, and went to some cool vintage-ish shops. Of course we found the perfect furniture for our living room. Seriously. And we could afford it. So there was no way I could leave without it, especially because our friends threatened to not be our friends if we did not. We went and retrieved it today. Love.it. I now have my reading chair. Sigh. A place to do my favorite things: read, eat biscotti, and drink coffee. I know Scott likes the couch because he has not moved all day. But we really enjoyed our time with friend eating at the Flying Biscuit (amazing food), and visiting 4 coffee shops, I think?

Anyways here are the pictures, of course. (Note the napping husband. We rearranged the furniture 4 times)
The couch (and rocking chair we already had)
The chair (and new arrangement)
Craft table and bookshelf (old things, new locations)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This week everyday has felt like Friday...

Needless to say I am very ready for the weekend. Especially because I cannot wait to go eat with all the married friends!!! I'm not sure why this week has seen so long, but it may have to do with my increasing sinus pressure headache :(. There has been some funny happenings in the world of kindergarten. One being that on Tuesday I bent over to put my lunchbox on the ground, and one of my students slapped me on the "behind" as we say in kindergarten. Didn't think I would ever have to deal with that in kindergarten... Also, I'm currently trying to discourage the "nose-picking & eating" phase that some of them seem to be going through. I thought all of you teachers would share this little conversation that occurred in the other kindergarten classroom today:
"Do you kiss God?"
"You can't kiss God!"
"Do you kiss your mom?"
"Then you kiss GOD! His Spirit is inside your mom! He tells her what to do."
"Nobody can tell my mom what to do."

 Gotta love them!

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