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Our Family

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day 4

The more I'm at home the more I craft. The more I craft the more I blog. Because my husband is currently speaking computer language, I have to explain my crafts to those of you who understand :). Yesterday and today I started making yo-yos. I made some for the back of my sewing chair. Then I found out no school today, so I decided to go for a bigger project-dishtowel placemats. I know everyone has something they receive in excess at their wedding-mine was dishtowels. So I used my brown ugly placemats as a backing and sewed my dishtowels on. Then I added pockets for utensils. Next step is decorating with yo-yos, but I need to find some cute buttons first (Walmart failed me). Here are some pics...
The yoyo chair
The before placemats
The almost done placemats and yoyos yet to be made...
I will be posting the final results soon! (Since we are out again tomorrow)

1 comment:

  1. oooh i love all the projects!! aren't yo yo's fun?!
    i don't know about the ruffle scarf. it's on my "research and make" list as soon as i get my sewing machine up here. so i will let you know. maybe look for one in the mail next christmas.


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