Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nursery Time!

Ever since we started on this journey I have dreamed of what our sweet child's room would look like. Would it need a crib or a bed? Will it be boy or girl or neutral?

Well it is time for the fun to begin! Now that we know we will have a little girl, who will still need a crib I can start planning in earnest. Coming up with ideas is so much easier with Pinterest, and I have fallen in love with a grey/bright color nursery on there. Sadly we cannot paint (rental house), so we are trying to incorporate lots of color any other way. I have officially made my first purchase for the room, and this is what we are going to center the decor around...
It came yesterday, and I love it! Now off to IKEA to find some matching accessories. 

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