Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pictures & Fundraising

No forward progress to report in the paperwork department, but we are praying for FBI fingerprint clearance before December. We appreciate any prayers to speed that us!

Last Saturday we took pictures with our friend, Jordyn, who is an awesome photographer. She took some pictures for us to help us document this important part of our lives. Then she and Scott did portraits for several different families. She is especially awesome because she is donating half of the proceeds to the adoption! Here are some of our pictures:

Scott and I were looking through our funds after a convicting sermon on Sunday, and we just have to glorify God for all He has done in our adoption process. As of September 18th we had completely drained our funds that we had saved because we had to pay for our homestudy. Our next big payment will be when we submit our dossier, and we are praying that will be before the end of 2013. At times I felt like we would never be able to raise that money before Christmas, but God's timing is always right. We have currently raised all of the funds that we need for the dossier payment!!!! Next we will work on raising money for our attorney fees in Colombia, all our travel costs, and the cost of our post-adoption visits. I finally feel like our trip is in sight, still in the distance, but at least in sight. We cannot wait to meet our little girl! I can't wait to spend Christmas 2014 as a family of 3!


  1. If other families want to have portraits and/or pictures made with this photographer would that help your venture? If so, maybe you should publish a contact for people.

  2. Her website is www.jordynkerrphotography.com. She is an awesome photographer! Our fundraiser was just a one-day thing, but we would love for you to give her your business!

  3. if you have a current fundraiser post it here at her blog nogreaterjoymom.com prayer aplacecalledsimplicity.blogspot.com and There'snoplacelikehome-family.blogspot.com

    Praying for you


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