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Our Family

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Waiting Season

We are in the waiting season now. Our paperwork should be to the orphanage for evaluation this week, but it is out of our control about when they will review it. They may ask for additional paperwork, which will increase our waiting. Some exciting news is that in addition to our matching grant from Lifesong, we received a $500 grant from Families Outreach!

I am currently using the YouVersion App for my morning devotions, and going through the She Reads Truth: James devotion. I love it because it's just the right amount of reading for my mornings. Today's devotion was so relevant to our adoption adventure that I wanted to post it here. I thought it was very interesting how she tied waiting and judging together.

The Waiting Season
I’m waiting.

After months of tracking down hundreds of pages worth of birth certificates, references, financial and medical records, getting them signed with the right color pen in front of a notary, then getting the notary stamp state-certified, then putting the big brick of papers into the properly addressed envelope and mailed with tracking to the proper address, I’m waiting.

The referral for our adopted daughter could come today. Or it could come in six months.

I’m waiting.

It’s easy to say, “It’s in the Lord’s hands!” and “Or she’ll come home in His perfect timing.” Speaking these truths confidently makes the waiting a little easier, but waiting patiently and being an obedient servant? That’s a bit more difficult.

Because when we are forced to wait is when our flesh likes to take over. As pressure builds, we turn on those we care about most, grumbling against one another. We look at others and judge out of our own aching, empty parts. We forget that our own Judge is standing at the door, with His hand on the handle.

We get exasperated in our impatience, swearing, negotiating with the Lord, carelessly throwing around thoughtless phrases like “Oh dear Lord, if I have to wait another day!” or “For heaven’s sakes, this shouldn’t be so hard.” We’re wrong in this. The waiting isn’t just the hardest part, it’s the growing part. And the Gardener can’t be rushed in this season. He won’t be rushed in this season.

We should think of the waiting as our labor pains. The contractions are getting stronger, closer together, more and more painful, the longer the process continues.

While we are waiting, we are changing--He’s changing us in the waiting. He’s rounding out our sharp, controlling edges, gifting us an appreciation for the small milestones, teaching us to better disciple those already in our lives. He’s tenderly waiting for His land to yield its valuable crop.

And in the end, as He always is, He will be compassionate and merciful. Then, together, we will celebrate the harvest.

What promise are you waiting for the Lord on?  How is He changing you in the interim?  Let’s praise Him for every blessed second of the wait and all He’s doing in the meantime.

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