Our Family

Our Family

Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 6 in Bogota

It has been a good week, but a week that felt long. We thought we would have good news by Friday, but still nothing. Please continue to pray that we hear tomorrow (Monday), and the judge will also sign the Sentencia quickly after accepting. The Sentencia makes Brielle legally our daughter, and we will finally be able to post her pretty face!

Last Sunday we went to the market with my mom, and then had lunch at Andres Carne de Res. It is a very well known restaurant in Bogota because of its fun atmosphere, and kids activities. The food was great too! It was Dia del Amor y Amistad, which is like Valentine's Day, so there were fun activities because of the holiday too.

Monday: Gramma caught a flight home, and we had a quiet afternoon. I do a yearly photo book, so I've been putting together our final marriage book before it turns to a family book!

Tuesday-Friday: This week we do not have any appointments of activities, so we are trying to fall into a routine more similar to home. We go to the park and walk/run in the mornings after breakfast, have some lunch, have an hour of rest time (sometimes she naps, sometimes she plays), cook dinner, have a bath, and get ready for bed.
Walking practice at the park
Snuggles with Daddy in the morning

Thursday: Some people from the states came to look at the apartment, and it was so nice just to chat with people in English! We are missing our friends from the states, so it was very nice to make a new connection for the rest of our time here.

Saturday: Everything is an adventure in Bogota! We decided to go visit the Multiparque on Saturday. It is a huge kids park with inflatables, a little kid area, a huge playground area, and a petting zoo. We decided to take the bus, but got on the wrong one. Luckily it put off us near McDonalds, so we had lunch there! We don't eat MickyD's a lot, but I still love a double cheeseburger. While we waited for another bus a lady stopped us and told us it was too cold for Brielle to be out today. It was probably around 57 degrees. We finally caught the bus, and rode for about an hour until we were north of the city. The park was lots of fun, but Bri was a little scared of some of the rides and animals. Also, they didn't let adults go on any of the kids stuff, so we couldn't help her climb. Her favorite park was of course the huge slide! And we got to have some grown-up fun on the big swings. Overall it was a great day!
 Watching the water in the kids slide
Feeding carrots to the horse

 Coconut and raspberry brownie popsicles!
Grown-up fun on the swing! 
(We went one at a time while Brielle watched.)

Sunday: We had a normal day attending church, and eating lunch at Palatino mall. We had quite an adventure getting to church though. We got on the bus, but our card ran out when Scott tried to get on. Then the bus went the wrong direction, so we had to get off. We walked to the Exito (Walmart) to recharge our card, but they don't charge on Sundays. So we had to catch a cab instead, all just to get to church! I will be very grateful for our car! But I will miss all the walking we do here. We walked about two miles home from the mall after lunch. 

Well we are really hoping to report good news with next weeks post! Brielle continues to bond, and grow all the time. She is pulling up a lot more, and we can't wait to get her fitted for a walker at home so she'll have more mobility. Thank you for your prayers and support! 

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