Our Family

Our Family

Monday, May 13, 2013


I haven't posted in awhile just because life has become so busy. Our next step was originally our home visit, but we have decided to move to a different location before we do that. So today we get to go in for our individual interviews. I thought I would be really nervous about this part but I'm not. Just another confirmation that the Lord is guiding us.

I've been trying to complete all the paperwork for the homestudy, but we have a few tasks we still have to do like see our doctor, get our fingerprints done, etc. We need to make time to do it, but life has been crazy lately. My sister graduates from high school on Friday, so we are all gearing up for that. We also have Water Day and Field Day at school this week, so lots of fun going on.

We feel more and more confirmation about our decision to adopt. Our pastor gave a sermon on adoption yesterday, and I told Scott that it was a good thing we listened to the Lord's call back in October because that message was very convicting! It is hard to imagine all the orphans who are not receiving good care. It breaks my heart, and I hope we can continue to help the situation. I know that even if you are not personally called to adoption you can still lift up the children worldwide in your daily prayers, or possibly get involved with a Compassion child. We sponsor a little girl, but I'll save more details for a different post.

I'll try to post how the interviews go this afternoon. Scott has kindly agreed to let me go first. :) As always we appreciate your prayers.

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