Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life Update

Well, a lot has happened since the last time I blogged which is why it has been so long. We decided to move out of our previous rental in McDonough, and find a house in Locust Grove. We were feeling like we needed to be out of the city before committing to live in the house for the next several years. We were a bit hasty in finding our first house, but we knew more specifics about what we wanted this time. Once we do our home visit in June we don't want to change addresses again for awhile. Our new home is a really nice 4 bedroom in a county subdivision.

In adoption news we did our joint interview yesterday (we did separate interviews a few weeks ago). It was an easy interview, and we got to answer some fun questions. We told about how we met, and how Scott proposed. It was fun to relive those memories, especially from both of our viewpoints. We are trying to finish up things in our house, so it will be ready for our home visit in June. We got our physicals scheduled, and now we have to plan a time to get fingerprinted.

We hope to get all this wrapped up in June, and start on our dossier. We have our fingers crossed that we can finish that by the fall!

My birthday is tomorrow, and my parents got me (and Scott) an awesome new grill. We had dinner at the pool with my grandparents (and they got us some grill tools). We are all ready to have a summer cookout party! Tomorrow we are looking forward to going to dinner with our friends from college.  We also saw a mom and little baby deer in the backyard, and found a cool walking trail. I am already loving summer!

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  1. Cool about the grill! Now we have to come down again. :)

    Happy birthday tomorrow.



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