Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 28, 2014

The hardest wait yet.

So we are just waiting to hear from Colombia about the date set to meet our girl! It has only been a week and a half since we filed our DS260, but this wait has felt like an eternity. Normally we expect to wait a month or more in between paperwork, but this two weeks has felt like the longest two weeks of my life. We are so close to finally meeting our girl, and we are just so ready to finalize our plans! Please pray that we hear something soon, and that God will grant us patience and peace in the meantime.

I know He is using this time to prepare us to be parents. We had a wonderful time at CIY Move two weeks ago. God convicted us, moved us, and prepared our hearts. We went to serve the teens in our youth group, but God taught us so much during the week. I know it was part of His plan that we attend CIY before our trip to Colombia.

After we receive our official date we can book our plane tickets, and get our visas. The visa center is back up and running this morning, so thank you to everyone who prayed for that. And then try to pack for two months....

Last minute nesting...a new pillow for her bed!

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