Our Family

Our Family

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Power of Prayer

On Monday I petitioned everyone to pray that we would hear quickly about our I800 approval. We had been told she had just received our file, and would possibly review it by Thursday. Well God is bigger than men's timelines because we got an email Wednesday saying that our officer had approved the I800, and the letter was on its way to us!! Now we are one step closer. Here are the next couple steps in more detail. I am learning more about each step as we get there.

1. Our I800 approval is sent to the National Visa Center for processing.
2. I can call NVC on Wednesday to get our case number. Then I use the case number to file the DS-260, which is approved immediately.
3. A letter called an Article 5 gets sent to the ICBF in Colombia, and they will schedule our encuentro  date! (The official date that we will meet Brielle).
4. We will book round trip plane tickets because you must have a return ticket to get a visa.
5. Go to Atlanta and apply for our visas.
7. Go to Colombia!

So our timeline is definitely getting shorter, and our agency has said this part moves pretty quickly. At this point weeks are feelings long to us because we are just ready to get our girl! Please be praying that all of these steps are completed quickly. This part that could take longer is the Article 5 getting sent to Colombia, and the meeting date set, so you can pray specifically about step 3. Your prayers are working, so thank you, thank you!

In the mean time it has been so fun for me to get ready for our little girl!

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