Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 25, 2014

Integration and more

We had a good, but busy weekend!

Saturday-We had lunch with our friends Nick & Jen, and their three kiddos. Their girls are 4 and 6 and were so sweet to Brielle. They wanted to feed her crackers, and I warned them about her sharp teeth, but they found out the hard way! Then we went to a beautiful park near their place.

Sunday-We went to Vida Bogota again. It was amazing to see how much better Brielle was able to do this Sunday than the last Sunday. She was very content to sit with us through most of the long service. Scott took her to play room near the end to burn off a little energy. Then we came home for lunch, naps, and watched some of a movie. She is not too interested in any type of technology though, so her attention span for movies or tv isn't very long.

Monday-Today was our integration meeting. It went very well (minus the hour and a half of traffic to get there), and we also got to tour La Casa. Brielle was only in La Casa when she was a baby, and was transferred to the Foundation at 5 months for better care for her special needs. Then we went to the park again, and went to Unicentro mall to eat. Our girly takes great naps, but is staying up later and later. She is currently still giggling in her bed at 9:20!

We decided today to move to a new apartment on Wednesday. We like the place we're at, but the new one is more modern. We will be able to walk to our friends' apartment, the mall, and the nice park. The new place even has an indoor pool!

We also got news this afternoon that we have court 13. Our attorney said this court is neither slow nor fast, but we might be able to talk to the judge. We're just praying that he finds everything favorable, and does not take the maximum allowed time with each step of the process.

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