Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 8, 2014

This is it...

I have been waiting for almost two years to write this post...

We are meeting our girl in one week!!!!!

Sometimes I can't believe it is actually happening. We got our phone call today that our encuentro (meeting) is set for next Friday. Our plan is to leave Monday, so we have a few days to adjust before we pick her up. Friday we will go to her orphanage, La Casa, and talk with her care takers before officially meeting her. Then she is ours! She will stay with us the whole trip. 

It has been a day of a lot of emotions for sure. We are so excited that the time has finally come, but it still seems surreal. After a year of seeing pictures we finally get to meet our girl in person, we finally get to be parents. Ahh, that is kind of scary too! But I know this is what God has called us to, and He will equip us for it. 

We are staying at the Hotel Zuetana in Bogota, and the owner is super sweet. She is even going to get some groceries for us before we get in! Our plan for communication is Skype (allyson.hamilton88), or an app called WhatsApp. If you download it we can text and send pictures through it. We will not be able to post pictures to the blog until our adoption is official at the end of our stay, but we will post updates. 

We also got our visas today, so there is nothing else we need to do (except finish packing). 


  1. Can't imagine how anxiously excited you must be. God speed.

  2. enjoy every second...time will fly by and before you know it, you will back home.....your family will grow overnight and the circle will be feel complete

  3. YAY! It's been a bit since I have been able to check in with you and I'm excited to hear your news! Hope you are having a wonderful time and I look forward to hearing how the trip went! Oh and pictures! Can't wait to see her beautiful face!!


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