Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 25, 2010

Insurance=Adult Life

Well, today I really felt like an adult because I actually talked to someone at the insurance agency...not just an automated recording. This is all happening because the insurance company sent me a letter. I was simply calling back to clarify their question. After 6 transfers, and yelling at 8 different recorded messages I finally got a person. She insisted that we (Scott and I) are actually not in their system. So I asked her how they could send a letter to a person who doesn't exist in their system. Anyways, after an hour absolutely nothing was resolved...and I was told "Welcome to Adulthood".

On a more positive note...I made bread yesterday in my grandmother's breadmaker. It was finished at approximately 7:00pm yesterday...today at 7:45 the entire loaf was already gone.

Finally, I cannot wait to see my friends this weekend! I'm making an awesome Halloween cake!

I also dragged Scott to a cheerleading competition this weekend. My fabulous cheerleaders got third place!!!

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  1. Yea, we have the same story with Direct TV and the bank. Adult life can be so tough.


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