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Our Family

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ode to Kindergarten Crafts

So being a kindergarten teacher has taught me an important lesson this past week. I am not very good at crafts, or at least Thanksgiving/Halloween crafts. Last week I decided to use pumpkins to show symmetry. We already had pumpkins printed on orange paper, so I thought we would use those. My assistant was out of town, so I decided we would use watercolors. Fail. Watercolors on orange paper all look brown. Also, in order to do symmetry the paint has to stay wet. Watercolors dry after about 20 seconds. So now I have pumpkins hanging in my room that are half brown and half orange.

If that wasn't enough yesterday we colored on pumpkins. We are going out for Other's Day tomorrow to a retirement home. I thought it would be cute to give them small pumpkins. For some reason I thought that magic markers worked on pumpkins. So we colored our pumpkins and decorated them with glitter and sequins. I come into school this morning and the pumpkins are still wet with marker. I should have realized this yesterday when the children had marker up to their elbows. To say the least we cannot give wet pumpkins to the senior citizens, so now we are making cards...

Any better craft ideas?


  1. hahahaha!! i'm literally laughing out loud!
    okay so i want to try this but i too scared to (crafts don't go over well where i work):
    paint leaves and then make prints with them (like apple prints, but with leaves).

  2. Oh, Jordyn, that sounds fun! You could also go old school and make leaf rubbings with crayons. I always loved that as a kid.


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