Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trend Follower

Well here I am doing something I have never done...blogging. I never really even liked xanga or those kind of high school blogs. So why am I starting one now...because I like to follow the trend. All my friends get engaged...i get engaged. All my friends get married...i get married. All my friends start a blog...i start a blog. Since i don't have much to say this will normally be my husband's job, but since I teach kindergarten i may share funny stories time-to-time.

I also dragged Scott to a cheerleading competition this weekend. My fabulous cheerleaders got third place!!

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  1. I try to post all my funny stories, too. It's so easy to forget all the hilarious things kids say and do. Welcome to the blogging world! :]


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