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Our Family

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Snickering Woman

I was reading Genesis this morning about Sarah and Abraham. In Genesis 18 it says that Sarah laughed in her heart when God said she would conceive at 90. I read this commentary written by one of the sight members and just wanted to share it:

Why do we as women always think we know better? Here Sarah laughs, in her heart; what kind of laugh is that? A "yeah-right, you don't know what you're talking about" kind of laugh. She's heard God's promise, she even tried to help Abraham with God's promise by giving him her maid-servant. The real question is, how long ago did she stop beleiving her husband? Does she dispise this promise she helped try to come to pass 13 years ago, and is imbittered or hopeful that Abraham is wrong, so much so that she laughs when a stranger confirms this news?

A better question, do I laugh at my husbands long-shot dreams, goals? Do I know if God gave him a passion for that asperation, even if it's a glimps of a promise He wants to fulfil in my husband's life? Lord, help me to support my husband throughout his life. Even if his dreams seem far-fetched or impossible. If it'll bring you glory, help me encourage and beleive in him.

My dear husband is a dreamer, and I have both feet firmly in reality. This was a good reminder that his dreams are from God, and I am here to encourage him. Even though I am focused on making lunches for tomorrow, and he is focused on the 'what ifs' for the years to come, we balance each other out. I just thank God for him. :)

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  1. that is such an accurate depiction of you and scott!
    good post!


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