Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This week everyday has felt like Friday...

Needless to say I am very ready for the weekend. Especially because I cannot wait to go eat with all the married friends!!! I'm not sure why this week has seen so long, but it may have to do with my increasing sinus pressure headache :(. There has been some funny happenings in the world of kindergarten. One being that on Tuesday I bent over to put my lunchbox on the ground, and one of my students slapped me on the "behind" as we say in kindergarten. Didn't think I would ever have to deal with that in kindergarten... Also, I'm currently trying to discourage the "nose-picking & eating" phase that some of them seem to be going through. I thought all of you teachers would share this little conversation that occurred in the other kindergarten classroom today:
"Do you kiss God?"
"You can't kiss God!"
"Do you kiss your mom?"
"Then you kiss GOD! His Spirit is inside your mom! He tells her what to do."
"Nobody can tell my mom what to do."

 Gotta love them!

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  1. hahahahaha! oh my gosh, that's too funny!
    yay for dinner & shopping on saturday!! i can NOT wait!

    and your last post has made me want coffee every night this week. and i have made it. i even two cups tonight (shame on me..).


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