Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday is for Four

Thanks Jordyn for tagging me in a survey! Since I have been completely forgetting to take pictures of my clothes this is a good alternative.

01. Four Places I Go
*YACS (school/work)
*Grocery Store
*Momentum Christian Church
*My favorite place...Home

02. Four Favorite Smells
*I have to agree with Jordyn and say coffee
*My new spa scented shower cleaner

03. Four Favorite Movies/Shows
*Lost. watching it again for the second time.
*Time Traveler's Wife-Great Book too!
*House-I think he is so funny
*Never Been Kissed-My favorite chick flick

04. Four Recommendations
*Vote Yes for SPLOST-Of course I would rather tax everyone than just the people that own houses
*Read the book before you see the movie (only exception is My Sister's Keeper)
*Always go Mac...PCs always die
*Always eat dessert

Everyone I know has been tagged...

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